Sunday, March 4, 2012

New music video!

I just finished a new video for my bluebonnet song.  This one is just as I perform it in my live shows for schools, libraries and other venues. I set up my projector and screen so I can illustrate my songs as I sing them and the bluebonnet portraits, live and imagined, always get big laughs from the kids. Of course, the real goal is teaching a little science along the way and that happens too through some pretty cool bluebonnet close-ups. Check it out:

Bluebonnet Time 2012 is here!

The 2011 Texas drought was national news and, while we're still in its grips, things have improved and there's reason to believe it'll be a cooler, wetter year for us. Rainfall, much more than temperatures, determine what makes a good year for bluebonnets.  

Growing bluebonnets, 1/7/11
Bluebonnets (& weeds)-1/1/2012

Rains in the late fall, and we had some good ones this year, cause the seeds to germinate, or sprout. At left you see a photo taken last year. The star-shaped clusters of leaves are growing bluebonnets.  That same location this year has many more bluebonnets as you see in the photo to the right.

First bluebonnets, 2/29/12
We've had continued rains throughout the winter and it looks like 2012 will be a much better year for bluebonnet revelry. I drove Hwy 71 back to Austin from Houston on leap day and there were already some pretty impressive displays of bluebonnets (and many wildflowers).  I had to pull over and snap a photo of one of the first bluebonnets I saw!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Get my bluebonnet theme song for free in April!

Taking a drive out to see and be seen in the Texas Wildflowers?  Well, download "Bluebonnet Time," my little anthem for Texas' state flower, for free here through the month of April!  You'll be singing it for days, I promise.  

While you're there, you can find a few more free tunes and, of course, there are a whole bunch more at just $.99/each.  You can get my whole "I Love Earth" CD, with over 20 songs, for just $12!  Books, CDs and my DVD are cheapest on my website here

Check out this nice article about "Bluebonnet Time" and yours truly

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Book preview/music video now on YouTube!

Check it out and share it with ALL the bluebonnet-crazed Texans you know!  

Order the book and it will ship out by Friday!  It comes with a CD of this song and eight more award-winning science tunes by Lucas Miller, the "singing zoologist!"  It is also available through Follett for schools and others who must order through approved vendors lists. 

Just want the song?  Get it, and 20 science tunes, on the award-winning CD, "I Love Earth: The Absolute Best of the Singing Zoologist."  You can also download it from iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon and many more.  Enjoy!

Bluebonnet Time has arrived!

I went out to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center last week to drop off copies of my new book, Bluebonnet Time, for their gift shop and saw this lovely spread of bluebonnets.  Some of them are already producing those fuzzy, green seed pods! 

In the Austin area, at least, it's looking like a fairly sparse crop of bluebonnets this year.  In other parts of the state, however, I hear they are in full glory.  I'm in Houston this week and driving back this weekend so I'll give you a report by next week.

What makes for a "sparse" year or a "glorious" one?  If you're guessing the snow and sub-freezing temperatures we had in February you need to scroll down in this here blog.  Bluebonnets can handle pretty much whatever wintery weather Texas is capable of dishing out.  It really has to do with timing and amount of rainfall. 

Bluebonnets need good fall rains to get them to germinate (or sprout) in November or December.  It's been pretty dry around Austin except for that deluge back in early September. 

I wonder how they got so many at the Wildflower Center.  Any guesses?  Think there could be a sprinkler around somewhere? ;-)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

First bloom of 2011!

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Checking in with my neighbor's bluebonnets I saw the first little bud of 2011.  Don't you love the redbud in the background?  Spring is springing!

See if you can find some near you and watch grow and change--it's fun!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ha--we scoff at Texas snow!

A check-in with the previously snow-smothered bluebonnets reveals that they are, indeed, little-affected.  The sun is back out and they are standing tall again.  I'm impressed!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Bluebonnets in the snow

They say this doesn't bother the bluebonnets... 
It's a rare snow day in Austin so I thought I'd check in on my neighborhood bluebonnets.  Here's what I found:
...but they don't look so happy do they?

It will be interesting to see how they fare in the coming weeks!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Guess who?

A sprouting bluebonnet taken around New Year's Day, 2011
 Most of us don't take much notice of them at this point but, yes, this is a little bluebonnet sprouting up in my neighborhood.  They start to germinate sometime around Christmas if the conditions of soil and weather have been favorable.  First two, lobe-shaped leaves appear and then skinny, pointed, fuzzy little leaves shoot up.

Within a few weeks they will start to spread out and look like the picture below.  Can you find any of these in your neighborhood? If you remember where you saw bluebonnets last year you can revisit that spot and I bet you'll see some of these plants.  You can keep checking in on your own to watch them grow and know when the first blooms start to appear!

Also taken around 1/1/11; more advanced than above

I'm writing this on the coldest day of the year, coldest in 15-20 years, actually.  Supposedly bluebonnets can take freezing conditions, ice and snow.  I'll return to this spot soon and see how these guys fared.  Wish 'em luck!